MAOFRee N’DJing Podcast #009 by Loulito The Yob (Epsylonn Squad)

MAOFree N’DJing Podcast
vendredi 21 février 2014
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From the beginning I was a lover of music and in my youth I experimented with many extreme musical genres (trash, deathmetal, .....), switching to punk rock in my adolescence.

At 8 years old, me and my mates began to get into underground and alternative cultures with differing styles of music from diverse eras.

As a teenager I discovered the world of graffiti and expanded my musical experiences (Hip Hop, Electro ...).

Around 96-97 I entered more lawless realms of musical expression with my first free party and teknival.

From that time onward I was hooked on the underground world and its freedom of artistic expression, and I decided to invest in my first turntables by the end of 98.

First of all I played Hardcore (I’m from Brest after all), but soon I turned to mental Hardtechno (23 Style !). I bought my first mixtapes at free parties and techno record stores and spent all my time plugged into them. From here on I focussed my musical tastes on Techno and Old Skool Acid Techno, and these remain as the core of my musical identity.

Thanks to friendships, chance meetings, travel and personal eclecticism, I also dabble in Break Beat, Electro, Breakz, and the crates I take to each gig still contain vinyl from my musical roots Punk and Hip Hop to throw some nostalgia into the mix.

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