MAOFRee N’DJing Podcast #010 by Mitch A.

MAOFree N’DJing Podcast
samedi 1er mars 2014
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Mitch’ A.[Animus Corpus (Strasbourg) & Shiva Audio Records (Frankfurt)] aka Mitch’ Anobody, was born in 1970 in France.
He was heavily influenced by rock music, such as Led Zepplin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, etc..
It take a slap and fell in love with Techno Jeff Mills, the legendary “Of Changes Lives” in 1992 and “Astral Dreams” by Laurent Garnier in 1994.
The stage was set …
He touches his first turntables in 1994 and plays for private parties
It evolved in different parties, with pleasure, even voluntarily. He was sharing his love of music.

Resident on UK

He is a director, with 20 other fans of electronic music on the page “Men who love the sound” on Facebook.
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His style could best be described as the conduct of the Dark-Techno with elements of different genres of music Techno.

“Music is the only thing that united the people, I use it to communicate”

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